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Jhenerr Hines, Esquire


Of Counsel

Top Rated Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Jhenerr Hines is an award-winning criminal defense lawyer and recipient of the George Edgecomb Bar Association’s 2016 Outstanding Young Lawyers Award. She received this distinction not only through her diligence and commitment to her clients but also for her commitment to the growth of the legal community.

Ms. Hines enjoys sharing her knowledge with other attorneys as a guest speaker at local law schools and at bar association events. Her expertise in the areas of Criminal Law, Law Firm Marketing, and Law Firm Management allows her to assist both law students and active lawyers alike.

In addition to sharing her expertise with the legal community, Ms. Hines is passionate about improving the lives of those her her local community. She has volunteered countless hours to the Community Law Program, Bay Area Legal Services, and the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. In 2013, she was the recipient of the William F. Blews award for Outstanding Public Service.

Jhenerr Hines is a diligent attorney who truly cares about helping people to find relief within an imperfect justice system. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, Ms. Hines is not only capable, but experienced and dedicated to assists. Contact her today for a Free Consultation.