Our Attorneys

Attorneys in the state of Florida must adhere to high ethical standards as members of the public are asked to trust lawyers in their greatest hours of need.See The Florida Bar v. Valentine-Miller, 974 So.2d 333, 338 (Fla. 2008)

Furthermore, the practice of law is not a right; rather, it is a privilege, and attorneys are merely servants for the community for which they serve. See Kirkpatrick v. Shaw, 70 F.3d 100, 103 (11th Cir. 1995); State ex. rel. Florida Bar v. Murrell, 74 So.2d 221, 224 (Fla. 1954).

Here, at Golden Key Law Group, PLLC, we truly appreciate the privilege of being attorneys in this great state of Florida and being servants for the Tampa Bay community. Although, a tough situation in your life may have brought you to our website, we hope that with our guidance you will be able to obtain some answers and solutions to the legal difficulties that you have encountered.

Accordingly, we invite you to explore our website and we encourage you to reach out to us so we may assist you.


Charis A. Campbell, Esquire