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About St. Petersburg Social Security Disability Claims

Being unable to work because of a disability is an extremely stressful situation. Applying for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration can also be a challenging process. The award of monthly disability benefits is based upon a complex set of medical and vocational standards outlined by the Social Security Administration. In many cases, you will also be entitled to back pay benefits accruing from the date of onset of your disability.

There are two types of programs available for persons who have a disability:

  1. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), and
  2. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

SSDI allows a claimant to file for disability based on having sufficient earned credits of work history. SSI is solely based upon need and available to persons who may not have a sufficient work history. The monthly income for SSI is much more limited.

Attorneys for Social Security Disability Who Can Help

Social Security Disability Lawyers in St. Petersburg, FL, have extensive expertise in Social Security disability benefits in Florida, including filing for benefits and going through the appeals process.

We ensure that all the detailed information needed in filing is accurate and comprehensive. We construct and deliver strong appeals for our clients who have previously been denied benefits. As tireless and aggressive Social Security Disability Lawyers in St. Petersburg, FL, we help to secure much-need Social Security Disability payments for you or your loved one.

At Golden Key Law Group, PLLC, we have an experienced staff and attorneys handling your Social Security Disability claims. Our attorneys will personally meet with you and thoroughly discuss and assess your case. We actively work with you from the start of your case until your case is concluded. Our team is well versed in obtaining the medical and vocational evidence necessary to support a favorable outcome on your behalf. We have handled numerous Social Security Disability cases and understand how to navigate through this process, including cross-examining vocational experts. Our expertise in Social Security disability allows our clients to have a significant edge resulting in a higher percentage of favorable decisions.

Whether you have just been denied or are just starting the process, our office is here to help you. The process can be very time-consuming. Your case can take up to a year and longer to be heard by an administrative judge. Often, people are initially denied and must apply to the next level, which is the reconsideration level. Many just give up. You stand to obtain a much better outcome at the administrative level, which is the next level after reconsideration. It is this level that allows you and your attorney the opportunity to be heard by an administrative judge.

During the Social Security Administration hearing, an independent vocational expert will be present and provide vocational evidence regarding your ability to work. Our attorney will be at your hearing with you. Depending on your case, you will also have the opportunity to bring a witness. Most judges allow the attorney to present an opening, ask questions to you and your witness, and cross-examine the vocational expert. The hearing is usually about 30 minutes, and therefore it is very important to present your case thoroughly and clearly. If the judge finds you disabled, the judge will issue in writing a favorable outcome and outline the factors supporting his opinion. You can usually expect his written opinion within a few weeks following the hearing.

No attorney fees or expenses are charged to the client unless you receive a favorable outcome.

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

The application process should be initiated as soon as possible after an individual becomes disabled. The paperwork will need to be filled out completely, providing thorough information to answer all the questions the Social Security Administration (SSA) considers before approving or denying a claim. Once all of the paperwork is filed, a claims representative is assigned to your case. This representative determines which of the disability programs you may qualify for and payments/benefits you could receive, depending upon your work history.

As highly skilled Social Security Disability Lawyers in St. Petersburg, FL, we assist our clients meticulously. We ensure all relevant information is included on the documents, including the detailed information to prove that your condition meets the SSA’s “disabling conditions” and all related data for meeting criteria under a certain income threshold.

Filing a Social Security Disability Benefits Appeal

If your claim for Social Security Disability Benefits was denied or if you believe you were not compensated properly, an appeal can be filed. There must be a written request filed within 60 days of receiving your decision letter.

Our Social Security Disability Lawyers in St. Petersburg, FL, assist clients through each step in four levels of the appeal process.

About the Florida Social Security Disability Claims Appeals Process

Due to the critical nature of the decision and the complexity of the process, it is important to have an attorney skilled in the Florida Social Security Disability claims appeals process. With appropriate legal counsel, you will have a strong advocate on behalf of your rights.

In Reconsideration, the first level, the attorney will file a request for reconsideration, including any new evidence pertinent to your claim. The SSA representative will review everything, and your attorney can answer any questions.

A Hearing will be held next if you do not agree with the results or if your claim is repeatedly denied. Your attorney will represent you in the hearing in front of the judge, argue your case, present the evidence, and question witnesses if appropriate to your case. They may also ask the judge to review the prior assessment if you were provided unsatisfactory benefits/payments.

If the judge’s decision is not acceptable to you, you can appeal to the Social Security Appeals Council. You may or may not be granted this appeal, but if you do, your attorney will represent you as in the Hearing step.

The final step, if the Appeals Council denies you, is Federal Court. Your attorney could file a claim in the federal justice system.

Do I Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits In Florida?

The qualifications for Social Security Disability Benefits in Florida must be proven before getting a claim approved.

The broad criteria include:

  • Making less than a certain amount of income per month
  • Having a medical condition that prevents the person from performing basic functions of work for at least one year
  • Having a medical condition that is on the SSA’s list of disabling conditions
  • Having the ability to perform the work prior to the injury/condition
  • The person is not physically capable of performing other work

If approved, you may qualify for short-term or long-term Social Security Disability Benefits in Florida.

For short-term disability, the SSA will have to determine that the injury or impairment will last for at least one year or will be fatal. These types of benefits, meant to replace a portion of the income for someone who was working before the injury, are common for those injured in car accidents. The only exception to short-term disability is blindness.

Long-term disability benefits are also offered through the workplace and have their own eligibility requirements and complex rules. They are, just like short-term disability, intended to replace previous income. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to deny long-term disability or stop payments early.

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