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Family law cases are often delicate. The emotional issues naturally involved in such cases are understandably difficult. On top of that, family law cases are quite fact-intensive. You need to build a solid case to ensure your desires are met in Florida family court. That’s where we come in. Our St. Petersburg family law attorneys at Golden Key Law Group serve clients throughout St. Petersburg, FL, and  Pinellas County and know how challenging this experience can be. We also know how to provide clients with the expert legal help they need in these circumstances.


Types of Family Law Cases We Handle in Pinellas County


paternity cases st. petersburg family law attorneysIt’s no secret that filing a paternity action can be emotionally stressful. On top of that, it’s also complicated. Collecting a substantial amount of information to present to the court is often necessary.

You need legal help to do so. Luckily, when you hire our experts, you’ll have a team of professionals on your side dedicated to ensuring your desires are communicated clearly and effectively. Additionally, we can assist in modifications of paternity orders and relocation cases.

Child Support

Failing to respond to child support notices delivered via mail can result in the Department of Revenue entering a child support court order, which may occur whether you participate or not. Child Support Enforcement will then begin the process of obtaining your financial information to calculate what you owe. Our family law attorneys can help ensure your income and related information are accurately reflected. We’ll also ensure you receive the proper credit for any child support you have already paid before the action.


family law divorce attorneys st petersburg fl

Many factors must be resolved before a judge will officially grant a dissolution of marriage. These may include such factors as parental responsibility, child support, timesharing, and others. We’ll

help you resolve these issues in a manner that aligns with your goals. Our team is also on hand to assist in modifications of divorce orders, pre/post-marital agreements, and relocation cases.

Child Custody & Dependency

The experience of fighting back against the Assistant State Attorney or Assistant Attorney General to keep custody of your children can be stressful for obvious reasons. Whether you choose to contest the petition that your child or children should be adjudicated dependent or consent to the terms of the case plan, you need help from an attorney who will passionately fight on your behalf. That’s exactly the kind of attorney you’ll find at Golden Key Law Group. We can also help those who are fighting for guardianship.

Civil Injunctions for Protection

family law attorneys st petersburg civil injunctions

Florida residents can seek injunctions against other individuals for the following key reasons:

(i). domestic violence; (ii). dating violence; (iii.) stalking; or (iv). sexual violence.

You need to supply the court with key facts before a judge issues an order for an injunction. Because of this (and because these issues can be emotionally difficult), it’s important to coordinate with attorneys who have experience representing clients like yourself.

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You want to know you’re in the hands of attorneys you can trust when dealing with a family law case in St. Petersburg, FL. Luckily, finding those attorneys is easy. Numerous former clients of Golden Key Law Group have praised our work, letting you know we deliver results.

We’ve managed to cultivate a positive reputation among our clients because we’re passionate about what we do. If you need expert and dedicated legal help for a family law case in St. Petersburg, FL, contact us online to schedule a consultation, or call 727-317-4738 today!