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If you find yourself in a situation where you are battling with the assistant state attorney or assistant attorney general to keep your child(ren), do not panic. Call me today so that we can discuss a strategy so that you can get your child(ren) back in your custody and/or keep your child(ren) with you.

Once you are served with a petition for dependency, the next step will be an arraignment. At the arraignment, you will have the option to contest the allegations in the petition as to why your child should be adjudicated dependent or you will have the option to consent to cooperate with completing a case plan. A case plan will comprise of a list of services that you would have to contact and cooperate to complete. It is important that you retain a child custody attorney in St. Petersburg, FL to fight on your behalf.

If you elect to complete the case plan at arraignment, then you must ensure that you are accepting the tasks that are applicable to your situation. Sometimes the assistant state attorney or the assistant attorney general may require you to complete tasks to remedy issues that you simply are not facing. If you retain our services, we will ensure that all of your case plan tasks are applicable to your current situation and aggressively contest tasks that have no relation to your case.

Another issue that we’ve encountered when meeting with prospective clients is the way that the court deals with the level of case plan compliance. We’ve met with clients who are in complete despair prior to retaining our services due to their efforts to comply with the case plan being overlooked or not recognized by the court.

Our clients have also dealt with the struggles of not obtaining the proper referrals to the necessary agencies to complete their case plan. If you retain our services, we will ensure that the court has the proper documentation needed to assess whether you have substantially complied with your case plan. Substantial compliance with all case plan tasks must be achieved prior to obtaining reunification and the court terminating supervision. We will make sure that you have a voice in the courtroom and that your concerns are being addressed. We will fight so that all of your efforts to be in compliance with the case plan is being properly documented. Call us today so that we can set up a free consultation to discuss your case.