Do I Need an Attorney for My Social Security Disability?

When applying for disability benefits, many people wonder, “Do I need an attorney for social security disability?” While it is not required to have a social security lawyer submit an application or go through the complex process, it is highly recommended.

Did you know that most applicants who apply for disability initially get denied? Yes. Up to 60% of people who become unable to work and need social security disability benefits are denied. When you have an SSDI attorney, you have a powerful legal leader on your side to build and argue a strong case so you can receive the benefits you really need.

What Does an SSDI Attorney Do?

An SSDI attorney works with clients on each step of the process. First, they will help compile the necessary documentation, including extensive paperwork, medical records, and personal information to prove your disability. They ensure that everything is filled out correctly and sent to the Social Security Administration (SSA) accordingly.

If you are facing a denial, the attorney will file a request for Reconsideration. Additional evidence, if there is anything new that can be submitted, will be included in the request. It is not uncommon for the SSA representative handling your case to have questions. Your legal counsel will handle that as well.

The next phase is the Hearing. The attorney for social security disability will represent you at the SSA hearing in front of the judge. Most judges allow the attorney to present an opening, ask questions, and cross-examine the vocational expert.

If needed, after the judge’s decision is made, the SSDI attorney can appeal to the Social Security Appeals Council or even up to Federal Court.

How Much Does an Attorney for Social Security Disability Charge?

Many individuals have costs in mind when asking themselves, “Do I need an attorney for social security disability?”

Most social security disability lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning that the client will only pay attorney fees and expenses if they receive a favorable outcome. Then, the attorney would typically receive funds directly out of the client’s “back pay.” Federal law requires a cap of 25%.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Due to the importance of getting approved for disability benefits when you are unable to work, there are multiple reasons why you need a social security disability lawyer.

  1. They can help you determine what benefits you are entitled to. 

The Social Security Administration offers SSI and SSDI benefits. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is intended for people with limited resources and low incomes. It is considered a needs-based program. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is different. This type of benefit is for individuals who have a history of working and paying into the system. Some people will only qualify for either SSI or SSDI. Others may qualify for both.

  1. They can help you avoid mistakes that can delay or jeopardize your claim.

There are strict guidelines and deadlines throughout the process of filing a claim for social security disability. Many applications for social security disability benefits are denied due to mistakes. If critical information is missing, forms are not filled out correctly, or deadlines are missed, this can delay or jeopardize your receipt of benefits. A lawyer can be the key factor in you not losing any money that you are entitled to.

  1. They can ensure that your claim continues to move forward through each step. 

It takes a significant amount of time to get approved and start receiving benefits. The initial analysis by the SSA typically takes about 4-6 months. If you need to go through the Reconsideration and Hearing process, it takes even longer. A social security disability lawyer understands what is required by the SSA and when deadlines must be met throughout each step to keep your claim moving forward so you can start receiving the benefits you need.

  1. They help avoid initial denials and fight for you if your claim is denied. 

Statistically, most initial claims are denied by the SSA. If you have an attorney before you officially apply, they will help develop the strongest case possible with the comprehensive information needed so you can start receiving benefits sooner rather than later. If your case has already been denied, having an experienced lawyer is especially critical to get you through the complicated appeals process and fight for your rights to SSI or SSDI benefits (or both).

  1. They have legal expertise and experience that a typical applicant does not have.

When dealing with issues of significant importance, utilizing experts in the field is recommended. Just like going to a doctor or physical therapist when you are ill or injured, we rely on their expertise. An attorney for social security disability has the skills, knowledge, and ability to move your case forward to resolution and help you receive the full benefits you are entitled to.

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