What is Social Security Disability?

Nothing in life is a guarantee. We go to college, learn a trade and find our way in the world to earn a living and support ourselves and our families. We think we are invincible and that nothing bad will ever happen to us. But, in life, things happen that we have no control over, be it an accident or an illness. What would happen to you and your family if suddenly you were unable to work and earn a living? Even in a 2 income family, the loss of a steady paycheck can have devastating financial repercussions. This is especially true if the inability to work is expected to last for an extended period, or even the rest of your life.

Social Security Disability is a payroll tax funded federal insurance program of the government. It is funded by through the contributions of anyone who holds down a job and pay taxes. Each payroll period, there is a deduction made from your wages that contributes to the Social Security fund. In addition, your employer makes a contribution for every employee in the same amount as the employee’s contribution.

This fund is designed to provide income to individuals who have been employed and contributed to the fund throughout their work life, and suddenly find themselves unable to work.

Social Security Disability benefits can be paid on a temporary or a permanent basis, depending on the nature of the person’s disability, and is based on the amount of contributions made throughout the work lifetime.

Golden Key Law Group is ready to help. We offer assistance to our clients with filing for social security disability benefits and work with them through the system until their benefits are approved. There are no upfront fees charged by Golden Key Law Group to help you or a loved one maneuver through the system. Contact Golden Key Law Group, your “family” lawyer, at 727-317-4738 to schedule a consultation with founding partner attorney Charis Campbell, or attorney Rita Briles.


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