How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Pinellas County

10 Qualities to Look for Before You Hire

When you or someone you care about has been charged with a crime, getting the best criminal defense attorney for your case is the top priority. But many people wonder how to go about choosing a good lawyer. Just like it takes particular qualities to be a great physician, teacher, or politician, the best criminal defense attorneys will display certain personality traits.

With the right criminal defense attorney in Pinellas County, you are on track to get the best outcome possible for your case.

Top Qualities of the Best Criminal Defense Attorneys

Here are ten qualities to look for in a criminal defense attorney:

1. Excellent Communication Skills

One of the most important qualities of a good defense attorney is excellence in communication skills. They have to be able to communicate clearly and effectively to a broad array of people who are crucial to your case, including the police, the prosecutor, any potential witnesses, the judge, and, if the case ends up going to trial, the jury. Effective communication is key to reaching the best possible outcome for your case.

2. Powerful Negotiation Skills

This is linked to communication skills but has its own distinct characteristics. The best criminal defense attorney will have proven negotiation skills that allow them to fight for your rights zealously and ethically. This includes when to concede and when to not back down and having a strategy and clear goal in mind while negotiating with the prosecutor. Powerful negotiation skills make a big impact, especially when a reduction of charges is a possibility.

3. Legal Knowledge of Criminal Law and the Justice System

Legal Knowledge of Criminal LawAn essential trait for the best St. Petersburg criminal defense attorney is proficiency and comfort in navigating all aspects of criminal law and the justice system. An attorney with this trait will display more efficiency in a range of skills such as negotiating with the prosecutor, developing trial strategies and defenses, and presenting your case at trial in a way that helps you reach the best possible outcome.

4. Effective Courtroom Strategies

Presenting a case in court requires an in-depth, well-planned strategy. Your legal representative should understand the formality and respect required when in court, including when it is acceptable to be friendly, aggressive, and even dramatic. Knowing when to use what strategy in the courtroom is necessary for a good criminal defense attorney.

5. Adherence to Client Confidentiality

When you work with a criminal defense attorney, the discussions you have regarding the charges and other information regarding your case is supposed to be between the two of you. The best criminal defense attorneys will have a clear commitment to confidentiality while working as your legal advocate and will ensure that the confidentiality of your case is maintained.

6. Integrity

Integrity is another essential quality of a good attorney. They must conduct themselves ethically and be honest with their client throughout each step of the process. People with a high degree of integrity are people you can trust — and everyone should be able to trust their own lawyer. A good criminal defense attorney will be honest and straightforward regarding your case, even if the news isn’t what you would like to hear.

7. An Understanding of How to Work with the Police

When someone is facing criminal charges, the lawyer is going to have to deal with law enforcement. Your attorney should have a good relationship with local law enforcement and know how to communicate effectively with officers. A good relationship with law enforcement helps an attorney to efficiently get the necessary information they need to defend their case. Without a good relationship with law enforcement, a criminal defense could encounter unnecessary hardships or issues obtaining information and developing strategies.

8. Excellent Research & Analytical Skills

Some people are surprised how much research and analysis goes into evaluating a case and developing the right strategy to defend a client. When you are looking for the best criminal defense attorney, hire someone who is detail-oriented and has a history of conducting in-depth, appropriate research for their clients. With good research, crucial and previously unknown information can be uncovered that proves to be critical for your defense. With skilled analysis and excellent research skills, your criminal defense attorney in Pinellas County will be able to create and deliver a strategic defense geared toward the best outcome of your case.

9. Caring & Understanding

Caring & UnderstandingWorking with an attorney that is caring and understanding reduces the stress on you and your family. Someone who cares about their client understands what is at stake and is compelled to do the best job they can do to get the best outcome possible. They know that what happens with the case will make a big impact on their client’s personal and professional life. With a caring and understanding legal advocate, you will have the confidence that they will be fighting for you every step of the way.

10. Determination

Determination is a must-have for the best criminal defense attorneys. They must be dedicated to pursuing every angle and working hard to discover evidence, interview witnesses, and navigate an obstacle. Determination goes a long way when working within the criminal justice system. With this quality, you will know that they are working the hardest for you that they possibly can to defend you in negotiations with prosecutors, in talking to police and witnesses, in developing a strategy against the charges, and in representing you in a court of law, no matter what challenges may arise during your case.

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