Is Mediation the Way to Go to Resolve Your Divorce Issues?

Mediation is a great way to try to resolve disputes between parties. A mediator is a neutral third party who uses a dispute resolution approach to help parties to reach a goal concerning working out time-sharing or a parenting plan that will protect the children’s best interest.

A divorce can sometimes bring with it contentious issues that need to be resolved. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the Florida Court makes the decision. There is a possibility that the parties will be less happy with a decision made by the Court than what they can work out between themselves.

Both parties must be willing to work toward an agreement. This means they both have to go into the mediation with realistic expectations and the willingness to compromise. If both parties are willing to extend to the other some degree of flexibility, they can devise solutions amicably. When they’re not willing, mediation has a much lower chance of success. Parties should come to mediation with clearly defined goals and an accurate assessment of how to settle fairly.

mediation process for divorce

For parties who are unfamiliar with the mediation process, it is wise to consult with and even hire a family law attorney prior to mediation. You need to be armed with a thorough knowledge of your rights. The mediator can provide information but cannot provide legal advice to either party, even though the mediator is probably an attorney. Discuss your case with an experienced Florida family law attorney who can advise you of your options.

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