7 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Paternity Lawyer

Fathers across Florida often come across obstacles regarding their rights to see and co-parent their children. A paternity lawyer can help. Experienced paternity lawyers lead the charge in legal matters, navigating the complex processes and laws to help fathers with many types of issues that come up regarding paternity.


Top Reasons Why You Need A Paternity Lawyer to Represent Your Case


  1. To File a Proper Paternity Action

The judge hearing the case must have all the proper documentation involved in a paternity action. Also, the proper legal grounds must be substantiated with appropriately worded factual representation in the documents as well. A paternity lawyer has experience working within family law and understands the types of documentation needed to make a good case.


  1. To Uphold Your Rights During a Divorce

Divorces can be extremely difficult for the whole family. When children are involved, it is quite complicated and often even more emotionally and financially stressful. Communications can get very strained and even confrontational, which does not serve either party during a divorce. We act as the communication point regarding your legal issues surrounding your divorce, providing a strong voice for your needs. A family lawyer works by your side to uphold your rights during a divorce, acting as your personal legal advocate throughout the entire process.


  1. To Ensure Fairness in Determining Parental Responsibility 

There are many variables involved that determine parental responsibility. The judge will decide which parent will hold the primary responsibility for the child(ren) based on the presentation of the facts and circumstances of the family situation. It is important to note that the parent who receives the primary role in parental responsibility will have the decision-making power for significant aspects of the child(ren)’s lives, including medical needs, education, and more. 


  1. To Ensure Fairness in Determining Timesharing

Another key issue that a paternity lawyer can help with is in determining timesharing. Your attorney will work diligently to ensure there is fairness in the process, whether you are selected to hold primary responsibility or otherwise. If you don’t have primary custody, timesharing regarding weekends, holidays, summer break from school, and other events throughout the year will be determined. These contracts are typically intended to be long-term, so having a good family law attorney is vital during this critical time.


  1. To Advocate on Your Behalf During Child Support Determination

Fairness is not only important in parental responsibility, but it is also needed when child support is being determined. This involves providing financial support for food, shelter, clothing, educational requirements, health needs, and more. The judge’s intent is to have the best interests of the child(ren)’s needs at heart, and there are specific calculations included in what the ultimate outcome will be for child support. Having a paternity lawyer as your advocate during the process gives you the confidence that the determination of the amount of funds will be fair and lawful. 


  1. To Help with a Proper Paternity Order Modification

If there is a substantial change in circumstances over time, there may need to be a modification to an original paternity order. For example, perhaps one parent becomes ill or disabled and can no longer be the primary caretaker. The request must be written properly to get a paternity order changed to meet the heightened legal standard that comes with modifications. An experienced family law attorney frequently works with paternity orders and has the legal knowledge to facilitate the optimum outcome. 


  1. Family Law is Inherently Complex

Due to the complexity of the many components of family law, hiring a paternity lawyer is advised to ensure a father’s rights are being upheld and that decisions made by judges when it comes to children are determined with the best and most thorough information possible. When hiring a paternity lawyer, you’re getting experience, expertise, and a personal advocate for your rights.


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