Top 5 Benefits to Hiring a Child Support Attorney in St. Petersburg, FL

Working with a child support attorney is highly recommended if you’re dealing with a child support action. Without the proper legal help, there can be severe consequences if you don’t respond appropriately or timely when a parent is seeking assistance for a child’s food, medical, and other needs.

Benefits of Hiring a Child Support Lawyer


1. You Get Help in Family Law from a Legal Professional

The complexities of cases for child support in Florida can be very daunting. Experienced child support lawyers understand the processes and procedures involved in family law, including child support action. In a time that can be confusing and emotionally difficult, having professional help for your legal requirements lifts a huge burden off your shoulders — giving you the confidence you need that your rights are being upheld.

Did you know that the Florida Department of Revenue can enter a child support order without your participation? They also have the authority to obtain your financial information to calculate what the child support payments will be.

These are the child support standard guidelines that the state uses to determine what the monthly payments will be to take care of the child or children:

  • The income of both of the parties in the child support action
  • The amount paid for medical insurance for the child or children
  • The amount paid for daycare for the child or children

A child support attorney will ensure that the calculations of your income are accurately reflected in the child support guidelines worksheet before filing.

2. You Can Save Money

If you do not have an expert in child support on your side, you may end up paying too much money every month for the length of the child support agreement. This can add up to substantial funds over the years. If you are currently going through a divorce, child support lawyers can also help you save money on alimony too. An attorney that is experienced in family law will advocate for a fair amount of monthly child support and/or alimony. Getting legal assistance at a crucial time can make a big difference in your financial stability in the future.

3. You Get Assistance in Dealing With Any Retroactive Child Support

Did you know that Florida Statutes allow for retroactive child support to be calculated going back two years or the date of birth of the child? The time frame cannot exceed two years. Depending on your situation, this can be a considerable sum of money. They not only calculate the amount for each month, but they also add interest to what is due for child support as well.

If you have been receiving correspondence by mail and not addressing child support issues, delaying action on your part can complicate your situation even further. These delays can also significantly change your life.

There can be very harsh consequences for child support that is in arrears. The laws addressing child support in Florida allow for the state to garnish wages directly from your paycheck. In some instances, penalties can even include imprisonment.

Due to the seriousness of issues surrounding retroactive child support, it is critical to consult with a child support attorney to determine your best legal options moving forward. Legal professionals work closely with you to get the optimum outcome.

4. You Have Confidence That All Legal Documentation Will Be Filed Appropriately

Legal documentation can be very confusing for those that are not familiar with family law. There are different personal financial documents that you will need to determine current child support and any retroactive payments required as well. If these forms are not filled out and filed appropriately – and in time – there can be consequences. Specific steps have to be followed. If a mistake is made, you can accrue additional costs for having to return to court.

An experienced Florida child support attorney will be thorough and make sure that all required legal documentation will be filled out accurately, filed on time, in the right order, and to the proper departments. This will give you the confidence you need and serve to avoid unnecessary and preventable returns to the courtroom.

5. You Get a Strong Advocate for Your Rights

Dealing with legal issues is very stressful. With the complexities involved in family law, it is hard to know if your legal rights are being honored. A child support attorney leads as a strong advocate for your rights to a fair outcome. They will make sure that the general magistrate will take into account all matters of the case, including if you are currently providing medical insurance or daycare needs. They will also ensure that any previous support in regards to funds, daycare, etc., will be taken into account if there is retroactive child support owed.

You will also get great relief and peace of mind during these tough times. A child support attorney will answer your questions and work with you each step of the way to get a fair outcome.

Don’t Go It Alone

At Golden Key Law, we help clients with child support actions, as well as paternity, divorce, and other family law needs. We offer free, confidential consultations to discuss the details of your particular situation. Know that you do not have to go through this alone. As professional, experienced child support attorneys, we work very hard for fair outcomes for our clients and will make sure that you get credit for the time that you spend with your child or children when it comes to calculating child support.

We have represented hundreds of clients with family law actions throughout Pinellas and Hillsborough County and are dedicated to advocating for your rights and making sure your voice is heard. Don’t delay.

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