Child Support in Florida: What Happens When I Fall Behind?

A divorce is always an unfortunate and sad occurrence, even if there is no other resolution. It is even more difficult when children are involved.

Most parents want to do what they can to take care of and provide for their children in spite of a divorce. One spouse or the other is required to pay child support. Child support at the time of the divorce is calculated based on the child support guidelines and takes into consideration income, child expenses, number of overnights, and the like.

Sometimes, the financial circumstances of the parent who is supposed to pay child support can change. This can be due to loss of employment, a reduction in pay, illness, or anything else that can affect the parent’s income. This often makes it difficult to continue paying child support, and the paying parent can fall behind.

Back payments begin to add up quickly, and the parent suddenly realizes that he is thousands or tens of thousands of dollars behind on child support payments.

A father recently was arrested for outstanding past-due child support payments. The couple had divorced in 2000, and at that time, the Court ordered him to pay $780 a month in child support. He did so until he began falling behind 3 years later. Thousand he attempted to continue his payments, he got more and more behind until he suddenly owed over $100k in back child support, including court fines. The father was ultimately taken into custody.

The father knew that a warrant had been issued. However, he did not surrender himself. He was subsequently jailed for 3 days, but he has been allowed a medical furlough. It is expected that he will be taken back to jail when his treatment is completed. This was apparently not the first time a warrant had been issued for this father’s arrest. His ex-wife has stated that she has not received any payments from him since 2014.

If a parent here in Florida finds that a change in his or her finances will make it difficult to honor a current child support agreement, he or she could have the marital settlement agreement and/or final judgment modified.

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