Getting Organized Can Help With the Divorce Process


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Everyone hopes for the fairy-tale happily ever after marriage.  Sometimes things do not work out. When couples in Florida make the decision to file for divorce, it is usually a well-thought-out choice. Oftentimes, several attempts are made to resolve issues that are causing problems in the marriage. Despite couples trying to work things out before taking the drastic measure of filing for divorce, there are still many factors that may be overlooked. Because the decision to divorce is an emotional and stressful one, it is helpful to make a list of issues that need to be discussed or resolved during the divorce process. 

Preparing an inventory of the financial status of each party is a good place to start, including a list of all assets and financial accounts or investments.  Documentation to support each item in the financial portfolio is helpful, and any documents that relate to the estate plan need to be included as well. In addition bank statements, credit card statements, prenuptial agreements, and copies of any existing wills would be helpful as well. The organization of documents and information can be extremely helpful when the time comes, especially to comply with Mandatory Disclosure requirements. They can be grouped into different categories, making them easy to access at a moment’s notice.


One of the more difficult parts of the process is determining whether assets are considered separate property or joint marital property. In Florida, marital property is subject to equitable distribution, meaning that it will be divided fairly, but not necessarily equally. Take note of how each piece of property was brought into the marriage – as a gift, or as a joint purchase, for example.

Once all of this information is gathered, it can be brought to a divorce attorney who can assist with the entire process. Anyone here in Florida who is considering divorce would benefit from the advice of a legal professional who has extensive family law experience. Being as prepared as possible for the entire experience can offer peace of mind and often streamline the process.

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