What Is A Violation of Probation In Florida?

Having one of the criminal defense attorneys at Golden Key Law Group negotiate to get probation as part of a sentence is possible during the sentencing phase of a case. Sometimes, probation is instead of or in conjunction with a jail or prison sentence. The terms of probation include specific rules that you have to follow as part of your probation, and you need to strictly adhere to those rules to successfully complete probation.

Violation of probation is treated very seriously. In essence, probation gives you a second chance. It allows you to go home and avoid a jail or prison sentence.

In most cases, the rules include meeting with a probation officer on a monthly basis at a specific date and time. In some cases, drug or alcohol tests are administered depending on what the original charge involved. Community service is often required with a probation sentence, in addition to the payment of court fees and court costs. If you comply with all of the rules of your probation, you will stay out of jail. If you do not comply with the rules of your probation, your probation officer may have you re-arrested for violating your probation, at which time you will have to again appear before the Judge. For example, if you fail to show up for an appointment with your probation officer, that is a violation. If drug or alcohol testing comes back positive, that is a violation. Depending on what the original charge was, other violations could include possession of a firearm, being present in an area that you were instructed is specifically off-limits, such as a school or park, or not completing community service hours.

If you do not show up to your monthly appointments or fail to comply with other rules of your probation, your probation officer can issue a warning to you. He or she can also violate your probation, recommend additional jail time, and have a warrant issued for your re-arrest. A violation of probation can result in a jail or prison sentence, or the Judge can continue your probation. The sentence for a violation of probation can be as severe as the maximum jail or prison time on the original charge.

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