Getting What You Want Out of A Divorce

Dealing with a divorce is never easy. The details of the settlement can be quite complex. Do you know how to get what you want in a divorce? With an experienced, skilled divorce attorney in St. Petersburg, FL, you will have a critical resource to lead the process and act as your advocate through each step. Certainly, there are varying strategies and techniques to get through this difficult time and come out of the other side as well-positioned as possible to get on with the rest of your life.

How to Get What You Want in a Divorce

The strategies and techniques for getting what you want in a divorce focus on many different areas. Here are a few strategies to focus on in order to get through your divorce and reach a favorable outcome:

Be Patient

Sometimes, getting a divorce can go quicker than you think. The other spouse may just want to “get it over with” and decide to divide assets and time-sharing with children in alignment with the initial filing. More often than not, it will take some time to come to an agreement, and the process will involve negotiation and mediation, and you may even need to go to court. Staying patient during all stages of the dissolution process is one of the top strategies to get what you want in a divorce.

Work to Control Your Emotions During Financial Decisions

Getting what you want out of a divorceGetting a divorce can be one of the most stressful times in your life. It is OK to be emotional. But when it comes to financial decisions, it is best to stay calm and level-headed to get what you want in a divorce. You are more likely to make the best decisions for your future if you control your emotions when making financial decisions that can impact the outcome of your divorce and your daily life afterward.

Take Care of Your Health

Make a consistent effort to stay healthy during this stressful time. Yes, it can certainly be challenging, but with planning, organization, and your eyes on the future, you will be physically stronger to get through it all and get what you want. Plan menus and grocery shopping to keep healthy food around. Keep a good sleep schedule so you are not overtired all the time. Be mindful and strive for moderation with sugar, caffeine, and alcohol (if you drink).

Identify Your Priorities and Issues

Do you want the current home you are living in after the divorce? Consider and identify the issues regarding the children, including parental responsibility, time-sharing, and child support. Do you have multiple assets, such as a beach home or multiple vehicles? You can work closely with your divorce attorney to help prioritize the varying issues and assets involved in the divorce and get the best legal advice on how to handle topics such as alimony.

Complete Large Purchases Prior to Filing

If you have been planning to make a large purchase, such as buying a new car or paying off a large loan, it is a good idea to do it before you file for a dissolution of marriage. Once the paperwork is filed, there are often restrictions on buying items of significant value and depleting “marital funds.”

Document Evidence of Assets Prior to Filing

Having evidence of your assets, if at all possible, prior to filing for divorce is one of the most valuable strategies for getting what you want in a divorce. If the dissolution of marriage is particularly contentious, it is not uncommon for the other party to either deny or hide assets to keep the other spouse from having it or splitting it, including

  • bank accounts,
  • investment accounts, and
  • material items such as family heirlooms, vehicles, property, or other items of significant value

Documentation can include digital photographs, paperwork, and digital documentation of accounts, etc., and having proper documentation can ensure that all marital assets are distributed equitably during the divorce.

Get a Forensic Accountant or Private Investigator if Recommended

Depending on your situation, your divorce attorney may recommend that you hire a forensic accountant or private investigator. These professionals often provide additional valuable insights into the true nature of the other party’s financial situation. Hiring a forensic accountant or private investigator may help you achieve a more favorable outcome in your divorce.

Pick Your Battles Thoughtfully

This strategy is related to prioritization. Mediation and negotiation have an inherent “give and take” quality that cannot be ignored. With a great divorce attorney, negotiations will be tough and focused on getting what you want in a divorce. Having your priorities in mind during negotiations will be key to reaching the best outcome. Creating battles on small issues that may not mean as much to you can make it more challenging to negotiate and reach a satisfactory outcome in the areas that are most important to you.

Get Support When You Need It

Whether you are someone who keeps a big group of friends or large family close or has one or a few close friends or family members, allowing them to give you support will help you get through the divorce better emotionally and help you make better decisions along the way. With a strong support system, you are stronger and better equipped to get what you want in a divorce and start a new life.

Work with an Experienced, Skilled Divorce Attorney

The decision you make for your divorce attorney in St. Petersburg, FL matters.

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We understand how stressful and complicated a divorce can be and lead as your legal advocate to get the best outcome and help you move forward with the next stage of your life.

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